Residents of the outer So­lar Sys­tem

What else lies in this cold re­gion of space?

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A mi­nor planet with the far­thest clos­est ap­proach to the Sun in the So­lar Sys­tem, this ex­treme TNO’s or­bit was in­ter­preted as ev­i­dence of Planet Nine. Or­bit­ing at a highly in­clined 29 de­grees to the plane of the So­lar Sys­tem, Make­make’s or­bit lies far enough from Nep­tune to re­main sta­ble and free from per­tur­ba­tion from the ice gi­ant.

Though not di­rectly ob­served, Haumea is thought to be an el­lip­soid world. In October 2017 astronomer­s an­nounced the dis­cov­ery of a ring sys­tem, the first around a trans-Nep­tu­nian ob­ject.

About the same size as Pluto, this dwarf planet and its small moon Dys­no­mia or­bit three-times far­ther from the Sun. Its high-ec­cen­tric­ity or­bit means it was likely scat­tered by Nep­tune.

Per­haps the most fa­mous res­i­dent of the Belt, Pluto is the largest and most mas­sive mem­ber. It is also the most stud­ied, thanks to the New Hori­zons probe.

Sedna has an ex­treme or­bit that ranges from 76 AU to over 900. While Planet Nine doesn’t ex­plain Sedna’s or­bit, it could pro­vide the buf­fer that kept it from be­ing ejected.

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