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Wormhole candidates


Active galactic nuclei

The supermassi­ve black holes at the centres of galaxies are candidates for investigat­ors looking for wormholes.

The motions of their orbiting stars and their gammaray output are being scrutinise­d for anything that doesn’t fit.

Quantum foam

If you were able to put space-time under a powerful microscope, there’s no reason that it should appear smooth. Quantum mechanics holds that particles spontaneou­sly appear and disappear, and the same could be true of wormholes.

Ordinary black holes

According to the Penrose diagram of a Schwarzsch­ild black hole, an object that is already travelling faster than light when it enters a black hole will emerge in a different space, time or universe, effectivel­y turning it into a wormhole.


One theory holds that wormholes are two entangled black holes, set back to back rather than merging into a single larger one. The ER = EPR conjecture holds that all entangled particles are joined by a wormhole, and this may go some way to unifying general relativity and quantum mechanics.

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