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Naked eye & binocular targets

Late summer nights are full of celestial wonders, particular­ly in Cygnus and Aquarius


1 Messier 39

Just north of the North America Nebula, M39 is just visible to the naked eye and makes a superb target through decent binoculars.

2 Messier 15

Just on the edge of nakedeye visibility, this globular star cluster looks like a fuzzy ball of light in 10x50 binoculars.

3 North America Nebula (NGC 7000)

Lying just to the east of the bright star Deneb, this large region of ionised gas is faintly visible with binoculars from a dark-sky site.

4 Fomalhaut

This is a bright star of the Southern Hemisphere that is visible in much of the north, but only for a short time.

5 Messier 2

Similar to Messier 15, this globular cluster is just at the limit of nakedeye visibility. It contains some of the oldest stars in the universe.

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