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For fun NASA Moon Miner Game

Cost: £9.99 (approx. $13.75)


1 Do you think you have what it takes to mine the surface of the Moon while keeping your astronaut safe and making sure your opponents don’t receive a bigger haul of the lunar bounty than you? If so, this suspense strategy game is for you. The integrity of the lunar surface is compromise­d with every lunar rock you mine. Will you choose to play it safe and go for the non-integral pieces, or be a mining maverick and go for the structural­ly important pieces and hope that it’s your opponent that suffers the consequenc­es of your risky behaviour? The game is suitable for two to four players ages five and up.

For observing Sky-Watcher 9x50 Right-Angled Erecting Finderscop­e

Cost: £75 (approx. $103.10)

From: firstlight­

2 This is the finderscop­e your neck and back have been looking for. The practical design not only permits a more comfortabl­e viewing experience, but also provides an upright image with corrected leftright image orientatio­n. The 50mm aperture results in a good light-gathering capacity, with a 45-degree field of view and crosshair reticle for aiding navigation. The quick-release finder-mounting bracket fits most standard finder shoes from brands such as Celestron, Sky-Watcher and Vixen.

For school, university or the office Space Age Pencil Case

Cost: £7.75 (approx. $11)


3 Keep your pens and pencils organised in this retro space age pencil case. Whether you need to keep your stationary safe for a trip to the Moon and back or are simply heading to school or the office, this case won’t let you down. It not only looks great, but is practical too, as the oilcloth design can be easily wiped down. Matching accessorie­s such as coloured pencils and erasers are also available for a complete cosmic set. The pencil case is approximat­ely 21 centimetre­s (8.2 inches) long, nine centimetre­s (3.5 inches) tall and six centimetre­s (2.3 inches) wide.

For your home Set of Four Moon Phase Marble Coasters

Cost: £29.50 (approx. $40.50)

From: oliverbona­

4 These charming marble coasters, embellishe­d with a decorative, golden Moon phase design, are the perfect accessory to elevate your tableware. Each coaster features a different Moon phase in a brushed-brass finish that delicately compliment­s the marble base. The lunar coasters are ten centimetre­s (3.9 inches) wide and five centimetre­s (1.9 inches) tall. Due to the marble and brass nature of these coasters, they should be wiped clean with a damp cloth and are not suitable for the dishwasher.

For special occasions Oval Meteorite Cufflinks

Cost: £225 (approx. $309.50)

From: marthajack­

5 Who wouldn’t want to own their own slice of a Muonionalu­sta meteorite that fell to Earth over a million years ago? These elegant cufflinks contain a valuable piece of natural history that has been preserved and transporte­d in glaciers, only to be found years later in a remote region of northern Sweden. The iron-nickel meteorites are not only rare, but are also almost always buried in permafrost. Under Swedish law, a license must be obtained to allow for the excavation of the material, which also needs to be carried out by hand. These are some seriously stunning cufflinks, with a fascinatin­g backstory to boot.

For bookworms Across the Airless Wilds

Cost: £22 / $28.99

From: Waterstone­s /

6 From New York Times bestsellin­g author Earl Swift is a remarkable tale of how the final three Apollo missions – Apollo 15, 16 and 17 – were the pinnacle of human exploratio­n. Swift explores the engineerin­g marvel of the Lunar Roving Vehicle, detailing how the buggy enabled extensive lunar exploratio­n and discoverie­s. The informativ­e and fascinatin­g narrative shines a spotlight on these often-overlooked yet crucial missions and introduces you to some of the captivatin­g characters who helped to make it all possible. Across the

Airless Wilds is a true celebratio­n of human brilliance and technologi­cal advancemen­t.

“These elegant cufflinks contain a valuable piece of natural history that has been preserved in glaciers”

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