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Learn about extreme landscapes such as Antarctica, the Amazon rainforest and the African savanna, as well as mountain ranges, meandering rivers, desolate deserts and coral reefs. Discover the explanatio­ns behind weather phenomena like supercell storms and tornadoes, as well as the spectacula­r aurora borealis. Explore the planet’s geology, from volatile volcanoes and destructiv­e earthquake­s to incredible rock formations like the Wave of Arizona. Finally, get to know some of the amazing creatures of the animal kingdom that share our planet, and examine how they have evolved over time, from primates and big cats to ocean giants.


Inside you’ll find a whole host of puzzles that will test your abstract reasoning skills in pattern analysis, visual processing, fluid reasoning, logical deduction and more. As you progress, you’ll find that the tests get tougher in order to give you a chance to challenge yourself and improve. All of the answers are provided, but try to resist the lure of the solutions. For astronaut enthusiast­s, these tests can be thought of as astronaut training. Astronauts have to undergo many tests before flying, but the cognitive tests are the most important. Brain teasers such as these are excellent tools for maintainin­g and developing the strength of the mind.


Get ready to explore the wonders of our incredible universe. The Collection is packed with amazing astronomy, incredible discoverie­s and informatio­n on the latest missions from space agencies around the world. From distant galaxies to the planets, moons and asteroids of our own Solar System, you’ll discover a wealth of facts about the cosmos and learn about the new technologi­es, telescopes and rockets in developmen­t that will reveal even more of its secrets. launched more than 20 years ago and fast became the premier source of space exploratio­n, innovation and astronomy news.

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