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A lack of nu­tri­ents leaves plants weak­ened and less able to fend off pests and dis­eases.

Yel­low­ing leaves, poor flow­er­ing and dis­mal crop­ping (or tree fruits that shrivel or drop early) are all signs that some­thing is miss­ing from the soil.

Most de­fi­cien­cies are easy to re­solve and the first step in do­ing so is to use a nu­tri­ent test to es­tab­lish what, if any­thing, your soil is lack­ing.

These are read­ily avail­able on­line and through gar­den cen­tres and are sim­ple to use.

Test soil in var­i­ous parts of the gar­den as its prop­er­ties may change in dif­fer­ent ar­eas.

Once you have es­tab­lished which min­er­als are miss­ing, you can be­gin to en­rich the soil as nec­es­sary and your plants will soon start to show an im­prove­ment.

Test your soil to make sure it is healthy

Plants thrive in im­proved soil

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