A new or­ganic feed range and up­dated to­mato food

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0 RGANIC gar­den­ing and house­plants are the cur­rent big trends and two lead­ing brands are fol­low­ing suit with their lat­est prod­uct re­leases.

This year, Scotts and West­land have gone big on in­door plants and non-chem­i­cal so­lu­tions for grow­ing me­dia and lawn care, as well as keep­ing on top of pests and dis­eases. The Scotts Com­pany has launched its Ori­gins range, which con­sists of a liq­uid plant food, com­post, grow bags and lawn food. It also in­cludes an easy-touse ‘con­trol’ range for pro­tec­tion against weeds, pests and slugs.

All the prod­ucts are Or­ganic Farm­ers & Grow­ers Cer­ti­fied, and com­pany spokes­woman El­iza Ni­cholas de­scribed them as ‘de­vel­oped to help gar­den­ers of all lev­els achieve re­sults and see their gar­dens flour­ish’.

West­land has also in­tro­duced new prod­ucts, in­clud­ing a house­plants range of pot­ting mix, liq­uid fer­tiliser, drop feeder and a mois­ture in­di­ca­tor stick.

There are new pot­ting mix and feeds for cacti and suc­cu­lents, bon­sai, orchids and citrus plants.

Box and hy­drangeas get new liq­uid feeds and there is a hy­drangea colourant so you can change flow­ers from pink to blue. A new or­ganic sea­weed feed is now avail­able to boost growth, flow­er­ing and crop­ping.

West­land has also launched Big Tom to­mato food, de­vel­oped to max­imise yields and crop flavour. It con­tains easy-to-ab­sorb nu­tri­ents and a root-growth booster to cre­ate health­ier crops with more dis­ease re­sis­tance.

West­land house­plant drop­per feed­ers are easy to use… … just in­sert into com­post for re­li­able feed­ing

The or­ganic Ori­gins range from Scotts in­cludes Slug Con­trol (£3.99), lawn food (£7.99), com­post (£6.99), liq­uid plant food (£4.50), grow bags ( £4.99), weed con­trol (£5.99) and bug con­trol (£5.99)

Stud­ies have found that West­land’s Big Tom to­mato feed (£4.99) may help your toms crop 16% more fruits than its clos­est com­peti­tor

The West­land box and hy­drangea feeds each cost £4.99 and will help strengthen your plants so it is eas­ier for them to with­stand at­tacks from pests and dis­eases

West­land hy­drangea colourant costs £4.99

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