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My clema­tis had three flow­ers in bloom and an­other 12 al­most ready. Now it looks like this. Is this clema­tis wilt? Wayne Tay­lor, Pud­sey, West York­shire

Your clema­tis has suc­cumbed to wilt dis­ease. Re­gret­tably, there are no chem­i­cal con­trols for this de­bil­i­tat­ing prob­lem. All you can do is cut back dis­eased stems to ground level and bin or burn in­fected shoots.

Pleas­ingly, the fun­gus does not kill the plant and new shoots will ap­pear from be­low the soil sur­face within six weeks or so.

If there are sev­eral dis­eased shoots that need cut­ting out, dis­in­fect your se­ca­teurs between re­mov­ing each of them. Clema­tis that are nor­mally re­sis­tant to wilt in­clude va­ri­eties of viti­cella, mon­tana and alpina.

Wilt is a com­mon clema­tis com­plaint, but doesn’t usu­ally kill the plant

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