Can I re­vive my cro­cos­mia? Anne Swith­in­bank ex­plains how

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Check old, un­tended clumps of cro­cos­mia that push them­selves above soil level and be­come vul­ner­a­ble to ex­tremes of cold and dry­ness. 2

Ex­posed to any long hot, dry pe­ri­ods, cro­cos­mias in shel­tered po­si­tions of­ten suc­cumb to red spi­der mite. Look for pale, al­most scorched-look­ing fo­liage, and check with a hand lens. 3

Lift a por­tion of a cro­cos­mia clump, and you can see suc­ces­sive lay­ers of corms one on top of the other. Tech­ni­cally, th­ese could all make new plants. 4

Lift and di­vide af­ter flow­er­ing or wa­ter well if dry. Draw soil up the sides to in­su­late the clump. Dis­pose of leaves af­ter they’ve turned brown, and di­vide in spring.

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