Tips for plant­ing suc­cess

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Plant in a sunny spot. Tree pe­onies are happy in most soils, so long as they’re not wa­ter­logged or very acidic.

En­sure the graft­ing point is buried 6in (15cm) below the soil’s sur­face, and re­move any suck­ers from the herba­ceous root­stock at ground level.

For con­tainer grow­ing, use a pot at least 1ft (30cm) in di­am­e­ter, filled with John Innes No3 com­post. Feed in spring with a slow-re­lease rose fer­tiliser.

Don’t over­wa­ter – es­pe­cially if your tree pe­ony is in a pot.

Or­ange/pink-coloured leaves can de­velop due to iron de­fi­ciency. Us­ing a seaweed and se­questered iron liq­uid feed will cor­rect this.

Graft­ing points need to be buried 6in (15cm) deep

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