How can I pro­tect my hy­drangea?

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QI trans­planted a hy­drangea from my nan’s gar­den. How should I care for it through win­ter? I have also taken some cut­tings from it. Grant Rivers, via email

AHy­drangea buds are sen­si­tive to cold, and one way to pro­tect them is to leave the old flower heads un­til late win­ter or early spring to keep the buds below pro­tected.

You only re­ally need to pro­tect the buds as they start to open and show green, as it is the new soft leaf growth that is most vul­ner­a­ble. How­ever, if we have a hard win­ter then I think it will be worth us­ing fleece over the plant any time that frost is forecast.

In March or April, cut back the dead flower heads to the near­est buds. You can also do a bit more prun­ing to en­cour­age new growth from the base and if you need to re­strict the size.

Re­move any stems that are badly placed low down into the plant where you can see signs of new buds, and per­haps one or two of the old­est stems to en­cour­age new growth low down.

If you dis­cover that some of the stems are dead don’t do any­thing un­til spring, when you should prune them back to healthy growth.

Pro­tect hy­drangea tips from win­ter’s cold

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