My Suzy is a beauty – but what now??

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QI brought a black-eyed Suzy last year that has climbed very well. When should I cut it back? Alan Fran­cis, via email

ABlack-eyed Su­san is usu­ally grown as an an­nual in the UK. It is ei­ther raised from seed or bought as a young plant and dis­posed off in au­tumn. It is peren­nial but ten­der and would be killed by frost if left out­doors over win­ter.

Black-eyed Su­san can be grown as a con­ser­va­tory plant or as a house­plant. If your plant is out­doors, bring it into a

brightly lit spot in­doors. If this isn’t pos­si­ble, take cut­tings and over­win­ter the young plants in­doors ready for plant­ing out early next sum­mer. Cut­tings will root eas­ily in well-drained soil.

As for prun­ing, pinch out the tips of young plants to en­cour­age bushi­ness. For ma­ture plants, re­move weak stems and some of the con­gested stems at the base, but keep prun­ing to a min­i­mum.

Black-eyed Su­san isn’t win­ter hardy, so ei­ther bring it in­doors or take cut­tings

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