How to plant dog­woods

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A sunny po­si­tion will bring the best stem colours so long as plants are in moist, fer­tile soil. If the plants could be stressed by dry soil, a lightly shaded po­si­tion will help them thrive.

These plants tol­er­ate some wa­ter­log­ging.

Dog­woods look best when planted in groups. Set them at least 90cm (1m) apart for a thicket and 4-5ft (1.2-1.5m) apart to en­joy their shape. They are of­ten left with bare mulched soil un­der­neath, and in be­tween, pools of bulbs, groups of grasses or ground cover.

Wa­ter young or re­cently moved plants dur­ing dry spells for at least their first year while roots are put down.

Af­ter prun­ing, make sure soil is moist, give a gen­er­alpur­pose fer­tiliser if the soil is poor and mulch over the roots to en­cour­age top-qual­ity re­growth.

Dog­woods do best in moist, fer­tile soil

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