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GAR­DEN­ING this year has had its ups and downs! I have a small Lon­don gar­den which has flow­ers, herbs, soft fruit, a few fruit trees and some veg.

The ‘highs’ have been goose­ber­ries, toma­toes and plums, and since the rain the flow­ers and lawn have grown well. The ‘lows’ have been the run­ner beans and climb­ing cour­gettes; the heat was too much for a bumper har­vest.

Against all odds, a plant ap­peared and grew so pro­lif­i­cally that I had to trim off 2ft (60cm) long growths three­four times a week to pre­vent the whole gar­den be­com­ing a tan­gle. My ef­forts pro­duced this but­ter­nut squash, which weighs 2.2lb (1kg). As it was grown at­tached to a pole, the skin has no blem­ishes. I can only sur­mise a seed got into the com­post which I spread around the gar­den. A happy event!

Elna Forsyth by email

“The but­ter­nut squash weighs 2.2lb”

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