Mak­ing quince cheese

Amateur Gardening - - Toby Buckland -

Cut quince into chunks and sim­mer for a few hours in a pan full of wa­ter that con­tains the juice of two lemons (to stop the flesh from go­ing brown), un­til soft. La­dle through a fine sieve, then add a smidge less sugar by weight than the col­lected quince purée mix­ture (say, nine-tenths) and bring to the boil, stir­ring con­tin­u­ously. When it has thick­ened to a jam con­sis­tency, pour into hot-washed, ster­ile plas­tic food boxes greased with veg­etable oil, and al­low to cool. Add the lid and serve with a plough­man’s, or dust in sugar and eat like a Turk­ish de­light!

Serve quince cheese with a plough­man’s

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