Com­pact trees for beau­ti­ful blos­som

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Pyrus sali­ci­fo­lia ‘Pen­dula’ AGm

In spring, the weep­ing or­na­men­tal pear is cov­ered in scented white flow­ers that are set off beau­ti­fully by its grey-green fo­liage. And al­though we can’t eat the fruits (they are too bit­ter), the birds will en­joy them. H&S: 13ft (4m).

Prunus ‘Amanogawa’ AGm

A com­pact cherry tree that will fill your gar­den with semi-dou­ble pale-pink blos­som each April. Per­fect for bor­ders, where its up­right and colum­nar na­ture means it won’t take up too much space. HxS: 20x61⁄2ft (6x2m).

Prunus ‘the Bride’

The flow­ers on this small or­na­men­tal cherry are larger than those of many va­ri­eties and are a strik­ing com­bi­na­tion of pure white with red cen­tres. A breath­tak­ing sight, the blos­som ap­pears in March and April. H&S: 13ft (4m).

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