6 top tree pe­onies

Amateur Gardening - - Pick Of The Very Best -

‘Golden Thun­der’

Vig­or­ous once es­tab­lished, this cul­ti­var has pretty flow­ers in lemon-yel­low with hints of apricot. Be­cause the blooms are smaller than those of many other tree pe­onies, they are more re­sis­tant to the weather. Flow­ers: May-Jun. HxS: 4x3ft (1.2mx90cm).

Flight of Cranes (‘Renkaku’)

Pure white, feather-like pe­tals have del­i­cately cut edges, giv­ing the flow­ers a floaty, ethe­real qual­ity. A sub­tle blush of pink sur­rounds the cen­tral sta­mens. How­ever, blooms can have a ten­dency to droop. Flow­ers: Apr. HxS: 4x3ft (1.2mx90cm).

‘High Noon’ AGM

Said to be one of the eas­i­est tree pe­onies to grow, with but­tery-yel­low flow­ers that have pale-red blotches at the base of each pe­tal, plus a strong lemony fra­grance. Plants are com­pact enough for con­tainer grow­ing. Flow­ers: May. H&S: 5ft (1.5m).

Paeo­nia rockii

A beau­ti­ful species tree pe­ony. The golden cen­tral sta­mens are sur­rounded by large crum­pled pe­tals (in creamy­white or pale flesh-pink with deep-red flashes), form­ing huge, bowl-shaped blooms. At­trac­tive fo­liage, too. Flow­ers: Apr-May. H&S: 6½ft (2m).


Stun­ning pink flow­ers have a hint of laven­der-blue and a del­i­cate palema­genta stripe run­ning through the cen­tre of each pe­tal. In­di­vid­ual pe­tals curve beau­ti­fully to cre­ate a gob­let­shaped bloom. Flow­ers: Apr-May. HxS: 4x3ft (1.2mx90cm).

Paeo­nia delavayi

The sin­gle flow­ers of this su­perla­tive species tree pe­ony are gen­er­ally gar­net-red (al­though the colour can vary) and nes­tle among the branches and lush green fo­liage like sparkling jew­els. A lit­tle taller than the Ja­panese hy­brids. HxS: 6½x5ft (2x1.5m).

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