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ColouR­ful and usu­ally fra­grant flow­ers are the most ap­peal­ing fea­ture of so many vibur­nums, but au­tumn fo­liage colour – plus colour­ful au­tumn and win­ter berries – add im­mea­sur­ably to their ap­peal.

Their au­tumn colour is of­ten fiery, and can be truly dra­matic. for red, or­ange and yel­low tones, look to va­ri­eties of V. car­lesii, V. di­lata­tum, and those of our na­tive guelder rose, V. op­u­lus. for richer wine-red and pur­plish tones, con­sider V. sar­gen­tii and forms of V. pli­ca­tum.

When it comes to berries, of­ten they’re red, drip­ping from the plants in glossy clus­ters in the case of most forms of V. op­u­lus. Ma­ture berries can also be jet-black (V. car­lesii), blue-black (V. cin­namomi­folium), yel­low (V. op­u­lus ‘Xan­tho­carpum’) or even bright blue (V. da­vidii).

Most will pro­duce berries with­out an­other plant for pol­li­na­tion. how­ever, fruit set will be bet­ter with more than one, so it’s well worth con­sid­er­ing plant­ing two dif­fer­ent va­ri­eties of the species you like best.

V. di­lata­tum teams fiery au­tumn leaves with red berries

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