How to plant vibur­nums

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Most vibur­nums are happy in full sun or par­tial shade, and are not fussy about their soil. V. op­u­lus takes wet soil bet­ter than many shrubs.

Plants gen­er­ally ma­ture to a size that fits best at the back of the bor­der, al­though V. da­vidii works very well as frontal ground cover.

Most are long-lived – some will thrive for many decades – so pre­pare a wider area than the plant­ing hole alone.

Re­mov­ing peren­nial weeds, es­pe­cially bindweed, is im­por­tant, as is work­ing in well-rot­ted com­post or bagged soil im­prover.

Prep soil by adding well-rot­ted com­post

V. da­vidii can be used as ground cover

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