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Q Why won’t my pas­sion­flower bear fruit? Ian Mitchell, via email A I sug­gest that you feed your plant with sul­phate of potash at 1oz (28g) per sq m. Sprin­kle it over the root area, monthly, from April to Septem­ber. Wa­ter it in. Also, train stems hor­i­zon­tally to en­cour­age fruit­ing. Q

What is the white stuff on my ‘Gala’ ap­ple tree? Rosey Wat­son, via email A Your ‘Gala’ ap­ple is in­fested with woolly aphids, a pest whose sticky wool pro­tects the ‘naked’ crea­tures be­neath. Con­trol it with BugClear for Fruit & Veg. Based on rape-seed oil, this clogs the aphids’ breath­ing pores which causes them to die.

If the pest re­curs in spring and sum­mer, reap­ply the rape-seed oil or sim­ply use a stiff brush to re­move the colony. Q

Why has my amaryl­lis bud started to open Grant Rivers, South Ock­enden, Es­sex A It is not un­usual for amaryl­lis to flower at dif­fer­ent times. Ideally, po­si­tion it in a warm, sunny place and, if nec­es­sary, sup­port the heavy blooms with canes.

Af­ter flow­er­ing, con­tinue to liq­uid feed and wa­ter your plants through­out spring and sum­mer, stop­ping in No­vem­ber.

Then, af­ter three weeks or so of al­low­ing the com­post to dry and the leaves to shrivel, re­pot the bulb in John Innes pot­ting com­post No2, mixed with a quar­ter part by vol­ume of grit, to en­sure good drainage.

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