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A fedge is a cross be­tween a fence and a hedge, and can be used as an in­for­mal bound­ary be­tween areas of gar­den. It could also be called a ‘liv­ing screen’. Criss-cross and or­nately wo­ven wil­low fedges are most of­ten seen, and types used in­clude golden wil­low (Salix alba var. vitel­lina), S. daph­noides, and

S. pur­purea. Wil­low is easy to grow from one- and two-year-old long cut­tings or ‘rods’, also re­ferred to as ‘whips’ or ‘staves’. Th­ese cut­tings are pli­able for bend­ing in all shapes and an­gles.

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