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AS a reader of Am­a­teur Gar­den­ing for many years I was sur­prised and dis­ap­pointed to read Ruth Hayes, a much re­spected writer, ad­vis­ing us to leave the green­house door slightly open dur­ing very windy weather

(AG, 13 Oct).

In my ex­pe­ri­ence this causes more dam­age and I would be in­ter­ested to hear oth­ers’ views. I will of course con­tinue to read the best gar­den­ing mag­a­zine around! Louise Hardy by email

Ruth says: Thank you for your let­ter. It’s some­thing we al­ways do, fol­low­ing ad­vice from a lo­cal gar­dener with years of ex­pe­ri­ence who has a the­ory that if wind is blow­ing in one way it needs an es­cape and if you leave the door slightly open for the du­ra­tion of the storm, it can do so with­out pop­ping panes of glass.

We had lost sev­eral panes be­fore try­ing this and haven’t lost any since, so it is purely anec­do­tal but seems to work for us and is, I felt, a tip worth shar­ing with read­ers.

“You’re ad­vised to leave the green­house door slightly open in windy weather…”

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