Keep your plants bunny-free!

Amateur Gardening - - Toby Buckland -

FENC­ING is the most ef­fec­tive way of keep­ing rab­bits away from gar­den plants but if this isn’t pos­si­ble, the op­tions are to pro­tect in­di­vid­ual young plants with a home­made tree-guard or ap­ply a de­ter­rent spray such as Graz­ers, which will make leaves and stems un­palat­able.

Cre­ate guards us­ing a hoop of chicken wire pinned in situ with bam­boo canes, and leave in place around trees and shrubs un­til the plant de­vel­ops thicker bark – as then, the rab­bits tend to leave it alone. You can of­ten tell when a shrub is safe, as the bark goes grey or de­vel­ops a rough tex­ture.

A guard pro­tects a beech sapling

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