Com­post­ing pond weed, clema­tis nib­bler, save a ‘Bram­ley’ tree

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Can I add pond weed to my Q

com­post heap?

Tom Owens, Red­car, North York­shire A

Gen­er­ally, the an­swer is yes, you can add pond weed to your com­post. Leave the plants on the edge of the pond for a few days to al­low any crea­tures to slip back into the wa­ter, be­fore clear­ing up and cart­ing it all off to the com­post heap.

How­ever, as sedges and wet­land horse­tails, like wa­ter horse­tail (Equise­tum flu­vi­atile) and marsh horse­tail (Equise­tum palus­tre) are in­va­sive, I rec­om­mend that you kill these be­fore adding them to com­post.

You can do this by drown­ing (com­pletely sub­merg­ing them in a dust­bin filled with wa­ter) or by ex­clud­ing light (bag­ging up in thick, black bin lin­ers and leav­ing to decay).

Can pond weed be com­posted?

Let crea­tures es­cape from pond weed be­fore com­post­ing

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