Forced bulbs

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Check your forced bulbs, and if the shoots are 1-2in (4-5cm) long bring them into a cool, light room away from di­rect sun­light.

Keep them away from di­rect sources of heat and en­cour­age a hu­mid at­mos­phere by stand­ing the bowls on saucers of damp gravel.

If the leaves quickly out­strip the flower buds, re­turn them some­where cool and dark for a day or two to slow their growth.

My bulbs aren’t quite ready to come into the light yet, and some roots have started to show above the com­post, so I top-dressed with more bulb fi­bre, damp­ened the com­post and re­turned the bulbs to the dark for a few more days.

My forced hy­acinths are shoot­ing, but need a few days longer be­fore be­ing brought into the light

Top dress­ing my hy­acinth bulbs

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