Bare-root rules

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DO Trim off any dam­aged roots or branches.

DON’T Leave plants in bun­dles – heat can build, scorch­ing stems.

DO Soak roots in wa­ter for an hour prior to plant­ing.

DO Plant at the same level as the ‘high-tide’ mark on stems. DON’T Add fer­tiliser when plant­ing – this can burn roots. DON’T Bend roots to fit your plant­ing hole; in­stead, make the hole wider, if nec­es­sary.

DO Wa­ter well and mulch af­ter plant­ing. Then wa­ter reg­u­larly – plants are vul­ner­a­ble un­til es­tab­lished.

DON’T Plant if the ground is frozen or wa­ter­logged. DO ‘Heel in’ plants if plant­ing is de­layed. To do so, dig a trench with a slop­ing side and lay plants so roots are be­low soil level. Back­fill, firm and wa­ter re­ally well.

‘Heel­ing in’ keeps bare roots healthy un­til you can plant

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