Help! My dahlias are al­ready sprout­ing

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I dug up my dahlias for over­win­ter­ing, but some have al­ready started to sprout. Is this nor­mal?

Richard Star­ling, Read­ing, Berk­shire

AYour dahlias are sprout­ing pre­ma­turely due to the mild au­tumn. There’s no need to worry though, just leave the sprouts on and be­fore re­plant­ing next year break off any that have grown long and spindly. Dahlias are able to pro­duce plenty of shoots from their tu­bers, so they will grow more.

Store the tu­bers some­where dry and cool that stays above freez­ing when the weather gets very cold. This could be in a shed, a garage or in a green­house on the stag­ing.

In very cold weather you could pro­tect your dahlias with a cover­ing of news­pa­per, fleece or sack­ing.

Lifted dahlias can start to sprout in a mild au­tumn

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