How should I keep my gi­ant fir tree in good health?

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QI grew this gi­ant se­quoia from seed and it is now in a very large pot. Some of the edges of the branches are go­ing brown, so what should I do?

I don’t want to lose it!

Mavis Watling, Sit­ting­bourne, Kent

AWhat a splen­did dwarf spec­i­men of gi­ant red­wood (Se­quoiaden­dron gi­gan­teum). The brown­ing nee­dles, which are of no con­se­quence and which the tree will out­grow, are the re­sult of the dri­est sum­mer on record.

As I am sure you are aware it will, if trans­ferred to the gar­den, have the po­ten­tial for grow­ing to around 260ft (80m) high and 30ft (10m) across.

This isn’t a prob­lem if you have space for it, but in an av­er­age-sized gar­den it could be­come em­bar­rass­ingly large and, even­tu­ally, have to be felled.

Far bet­ter to con­fine it to the tub, pic­tured. Keep it lus­trous and healthy by re­mov­ing 6in (15cm) of root-mat­ted com­post in spring and re­place it with a loam-based er­i­ca­ceous mix. Ad­di­tion­ally, feed it with a high-potash liq­uid fer­tiliser, weekly from April to Septem­ber.

Se­quoia trees grow so large they are best con­fined to a con­tainer

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