Un­der­plant­ing cro­cus corms

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QI have a bay tree with gravel around its base. I think cro­cuses would look fan­tas­tic grow­ing around it. Could I plant cro­cus corms un­derneath gravel? Will they grow through?

Sylvia Wake­man, via email

AWhat a lovely idea – plant­ing cro­cuses to em­bel­lish your bay tree. The best way to help them flour­ish and spread is to take out 9in (23cm) deep holes in the gravel and fill them with free-drain­ing loamy soil.

Set corms to three times their depth and 4in (10cm) apart and cover soil with gravel. Leaves and flow­ers will push through the gravel to cre­ate a riv­et­ing spring­time fea­ture.

Cro­cus will grow through a layer of gravel

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