Should I bin these lovely fallen leaves?

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QI am very keen to com­post all the re­main­ing fallen leaves. Could I use a plas­tic bin for the leaves if I made holes in the bot­tom?

Glo­ria Taylor, via email

ABy all means use your black plas­tic dust­bin for mak­ing leaf­mould. Af­ter mak­ing 1in (2cm) holes, 6in (15cm) apart in the base and sides, sit the bin on a cir­cle of about eight bricks.

Ini­tially, cover the bin base with chopped twigs or some other coarse or­ganic waste, be­fore fill­ing the con­tainer with leaves. Make sure they are damp so that they de­com­pose ef­fec­tively.

When the bin is full, place a paving slab or some bricks on top to com­press the leaves and en­cour­age them to rot down quickly. Top up the bin when de­cay causes leaves to sink.

There is no need to add a com­post ac­cel­er­a­tor but, if you do, it will speed up the break­down of leaves into hu­mus.

Col­lect the last fallen leaves to make lovely leaf­mould

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