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1 Nord­mann fir:

The most pop­u­lar va­ri­ety of cut tree. Its dense, lush nee­dles are slow to drop, though it doesn’t have much scent.

2 Nor­way spruce:

The tra­di­tional tree with nar­row branches and nee­dles that are prone to fall­ing. They smell won­der­ful!

3 Blue spruce:

An el­e­gant tree with at­trac­tive blue-grey fo­liage. The nee­dles are long, and can be sharp, so take care!

4 Fraser fir:

The tree shape is lean, rather than bulky, but the nee­dles are dense and the scent is rich and warm.

5 Dou­glas fir:

Pop­u­lar in Amer­ica, this tree has a lovely lemony scent and soft, dark green or blue-green nee­dles.

The Nord­mann fir keeps its nee­dles, but lacks a ‘piney’ scent

The Nor­way spruce drops nee­dles, but smells won­der­ful

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