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Q When I dug out a bed I found lots of these bulbs – what are they from?

Mrs Rachel Allen, Bish­ops Cas­tle, Shrop­shire

A I feel sure they are blue­bell (Hy­acinthoides non-scripta) bulbs. The Bri­tish wild­flower also mas­quer­ades un­der the name of Scilla non-scripta and Endymion nu­tans.

Its leaves die back in sum­mer and reap­pear for fol­low­ing spring.

It is a much-cher­ished plant and should be en­cour­aged. Al­ter­na­tively, the bulbs may be of Span­ish blue­bell (Hy­acinthoides his­pan­ica) whose trum­pets en­cir­cle the stem, rather than de­velop on one side as is char­ac­ter­is­tic of the English blue­bell.

Blue­bell bulbs die back in sum­mer and re­gen­er­ate each spring

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