What went wrong with my veg­gies?

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QThis year I planted cau­li­flower, pur­ple sprout­ing broc­coli, Brus­sels sprouts and leeks, and the leeks are the only things that have done well and pro­duced much ed­i­ble stuff. What went wrong?

Bill Broadley, Truro, Corn­wall

AI am sorry to learn that your sprout­ing broc­coli, Brus­sels sprouts and cauliflow­ers failed to meet ex­pec­ta­tions. All need lime to flour­ish.

If you have not done so, sprin­kle 4oz per sq m of gar­den lime where you are propos­ing to grow this year’s bras­si­cas. Ad­di­tion­ally, work Vi­tax Q4 fer­tiliser into nurs­ery beds be­fore sow­ing and where you in­tend to trans­plant 4-6in (10-15cm) young plants.

It is im­por­tant to plant firmly, ide­ally with a dib­ber, so that the roots are well ‘an­chored’.

When, in sum­mer, plants are grow­ing strongly, feed them again with Vi­tax Q4. Also, use strong canes to stake broc­coli to re­duce the risk of plants be­ing desta­bilised by wind rock.

Bras­si­cas do well in soil that has been limed

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