5 quick jobs

Amateur Gardening - - Gardening Week -

1 Sow ex­hi­bi­tion onions in­doors in a heated prop­a­ga­tor now, choos­ing a re­li­able show­bench win­ner such as ‘Kel­sae’.

2 Plan your crop ro­ta­tions, es­pe­cially if your plot was blighted by soil-borne pests (car­rot fly) or dis­eases (club root) last year.

3 Erect sup­ports for new cane and bush fruits. Ver­ti­cal posts and hor­i­zon­tal wires are ideal for your rasp­ber­ries and wall-trained bushes.

4 Re-use your plas­tic trays and pots – don’t land­fill them. Dunk them in a di­luted so­lu­tion of Jeyes Fluid to kill off pathogens.

5 Pot up a few early po­ta­toes un­der heated glass: a 3-18in (8-45cm) di­am­e­ter pot is per­fect. Choose a quick-toma­ture va­ri­ety such as ‘Swift’.

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