Late rasp­berry and cy­cla­men sur­prises, top ni­tro­gen tip!

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THE oak tree can live for a thou­sand years, and it helps to make the air we breathe. A tiny seedling oak has set­tled in a tub full of sturdy lit­tle fox­glove plants. Any ad­vice on what I could do with what must be 50 fox­gloves would be ap­pre­ci­ated. My gar­den is a wildlife cor­ri­dor with small un­tidy places!

I have a huge pro­tected sycamore tree. I know you don’t need to imag­ine how much work this cre­ates in the au­tumn – and not just the huge leaves, which come down in abun­dance, but also hav­ing to pick up all of the fly­ing sycamore seeds by hand. I am 87 years old in Jan­uary and still pot­ter in my gar­den. It helps me keep fit!

An­nie Grieve, by email

Wendy says The fox­gloves will not have a tap root at this stage. I sug­gest you thin them out and then trans­plant the re­main­ing healthy plants in the spring.

The fox­glove seedlings and sprout­ing oak

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