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WITH just two weeks to go be­fore AG tri­als its new fully com­postable sub­scrip­tion pack­ag­ing, we are ask­ing read­ers who have an AG sub­scrip­tion to let us know how they com­post their bags.

The bags, which will con­tain the 26 Jan­uary is­sue of the mag­a­zine, are made from potato starch and can be added to your com­post heap after use. They can also be used to line kitchen food-waste con­tain­ers in ar­eas where lo­cal au­thor­i­ties will ac­cept them.

Months of re­search have gone into per­fect­ing the bags and AG has been se­lected to be the first pub­li­ca­tion to try it by its par­ent com­pany, TI Me­dia.

Now, we are invit­ing our grow­ing num­ber of sub­scribers to take part in ground-break­ing re­search into the per­for­mance of the fully degrad­able bags, which may de­cide whether they are rolled out in use across the en­tire com­pany.

Please write in, telling us whether you used your bag to col­lect food waste (if your lo­cal au­thor­ity ac­cepts it), whether you com­posted it straight away or filled it with green peel­ings be­fore adding it to the com­post heap. We also want to know how long the bag takes to break down. AG ed­i­tor Garry CowardWil­liams said: “Although our cur­rent sub­scrip­tion pack­ag­ing is easy to re­cy­cle in the ‘bag bins’ at your lo­cal su­per­mar­ket, this new potato starch prod­uct is one step fur­ther. “We are thrilled to have been cho­sen to trial the new, fully com­postable potato starch pack­ag­ing and we are test­ing it be­cause we be­lieve that if it is com­postable it will be eas­ier for our read­ers. “We have an on­go­ing com­mit­ment to cre­at­ing a prod­uct that is as en­vi­ron­men­tally friendly as our read­ers’ de­sires to help look after the planet for fu­ture gen­er­a­tions.”

“Let us know how long it takes your bag to break down”

Send your bag in­for­ma­tion to our Let­ters page at Am­a­teur Gar­den­ing, Pine­hurst 2, Pine­hurst Road, Farn­bor­ough Busi­ness Park, Farn­bor­ough, Hamp­shire GU14 7BF, or email: am­a­teur­gar­den­ing @ti-me­

“Tell us how you get on,” says Garry

AG is tri­alling new, fully degrad­able sub­scrip­tion pack­ag­ing

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