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Sow hardy let­tuces like ‘Win­ter Gem’ in a heated prop­a­ga­tor, to trans­plant un­der cold frames or into green­house bor­ders in March. Pro­vided your soil isn’t frozen or wa­ter­logged, now is the per­fect time to plant bare-root fruit trees, bushes and canes. Har­vest win­ter cab­bages and kales. Cab­bage stumps may sprout fresh ‘greens’; keep pick­ing the outer leaves off kale rosettes.

Don’t ne­glect stored main­crop po­ta­toes. Rot­ting tu­bers can quickly spoil oth­ers so check bags and crates fre­quently. Lift­ing leeks and parsnips from frozen soil isn’t fun. Lift batches in mild spells, ‘plant­ing’ in a pot of moist com­post in the shed.

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