How to plant waterlily dahlias

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Waterlily dahlias are avail­able ei­ther as rooted cut­tings or as tu­bers. While tu­bers will usu­ally make larger plants, they are also more ex­pen­sive.

Pot up rooted cut­tings into 3½in (9cm) pots. Move them into larger pots be­fore hard­en­ing off and plant­ing out after the last frost.

Pot up tu­bers into 4.5-6in (12-15cm) pots, depend­ing on the size of the tu­bers. Last year I had to pot on some of mine as they grew so well.

Keep your plants frost-free but cool to avoid strag­gly growth.

Tu­bers can also be planted di­rectly into the gar­den in early May. Soil should be mounded over them to pro­tect the first shoots from dam­ag­ing frosts.

Tu­bers are best for larger plants

Keep plants frost-free but cool

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