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Amateur Gardening - - A Gardener’s Miscellany -


1 Sev­eral small aro­matic plants of the mint fam­ily, the bit­ter minty leaves of which are used in cook­ing and herbal medicine (7)

6 The bot­tle brush genus (11)

7 Fer­tilised ovule, con­tain­ing an em­bry­onic plant (4)

8 Twig or small branch on a tree that car­ries fruits – as in spurge (4)

9 Dutch ___ dis­ease af­fected many trees over the years (3)

10 The branches, of a Saguaro cac­tus, for ex­am­ple, are often re­ferred to as these (4)

11 Type of ma­nure, as from a par­tic­u­lar species or type of an­i­mal (4)

13 Genus of peren­ni­als, in­clud­ing the king’s spear, with thick, fleshy roots (11)

14 Suc­cu­lent plants have evolved to cope with this! (7)


1 Old-style jour­nal­ists cut through the un­der­growth! (5)

2 Com­mon name for the tree Acer sac­cha­r­inum (6,5)

3 Rod, pe­tals or a way of mak­ing pay­ment of a spec­i­fied sum to a named payee! (6,5) (anag)

4 Cut­ting off a large tree branch, it could be said! (4,7)

5 Pas­sen­ger ship placed in the bot­tom of a gar­den pond! (5)

10 Suc­cu­lent with the com­mon name of cen­tury plant (5)

12 Al­lium am­pelo­pra­sum is the _____-headed gar­lic, whilst Acer pseu­do­pla­tanus is the _____ maple (5)

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