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FANS of com­mon stem ginger might like to try a hardier ver­sion that not only sur­vives but thrives in our UK cli­mate. While su­per­mar­ket-bought ginger (Zin­giber of­fic­i­nale) hails from trop­i­cal Asia, Z. mioga prefers more moun­tain­ous ter­rain, so it’s hap­pier in our tem­per­ate cli­mate (myoga is hardy to -15°C/5°F). Rather than the rhi­zomes be­ing ed­i­ble, it’s the young shoots that are har­vested.

Af­ford them an or­ganic-rich well-drained soil and you’ll soon get a size­able clump. Frosts knock back the fo­liage, but the roots re­main alive.

If you fancy an eye-catch­ing va­ri­ety then look for ‘White Feather’ with cream and pale-green var­ie­gated streaks. Growing to above waist height, this is a great ad­di­tion to any ex­otic plant­ing scheme.

Tasty Ja­panese ginger shoots

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