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QMy cousin has asked what this plant is. Do you have any ideas please? Or­mond Jones, via email

AThe in­truder in ques­tion is black night­shade (Solanum ni­grum). A wide­spread Bri­tish na­tive, its fruits con­tain sola­nine, an al­ka­loid poi­son. If young chil­dren are around who may be at­tracted to the fruits, please re­move plants and bin or com­post them as soon as pos­si­ble.

QSince Camp­sis rad­i­cans is such a vig­or­ous plant and so easy to prop­a­gate, why is it one of the more ex­pen­sive climbers to buy? Ken Flavell, via email

AI fear that the rel­a­tively high price charged for a Camp­sis plant may be due to the size of pot in which it is sold. Then again, cut­tings, which are nor­mally taken to prop­a­gate this plant, may not be easy to root. Once rooted, cut­tings may also take a long time to ma­ture to pro­duce a saleable plant.

QHow long does it take African vi­o­let leaf cut­tings to flower? Jo Barnes, Telford, Shrops

AIt could be a mat­ter of time be­fore it flow­ers. If the cut­ting was taken this spring it won’t have been in com­post long enough.

Keep it healthy and it should bloom next spring, or even ear­lier.

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