Late-sum­mer green­house clear-up

Mist­ing, wa­ter, hu­mid­ity and feed­ing are all key, says Ruth

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1 Dampen the floor in the morn­ing, and in the af­ter­noon, too, in hot weather, to keep the heat man­age­able. A bowl of wa­ter un­der stag­ing will evap­o­rate and have the same ef­fect.

2 Open the door and win­dows to keep a steady breeze flow­ing through, and if you haven’t al­ready done so, hang shad­ing to pre­vent plants scorching.

3 Be vig­i­lant for pests such as tomato moth cater­pil­lars, which can be fed to the birds, and sneaky snail in­cur­sions. Avoid us­ing pes­ti­cides as they will kill im­por­tant pol­li­na­tors, too.

4 Reg­u­lar feed­ing and wa­ter­ing helps pre­vent blos­som end rot on your toma­toes, aubergines and pep­pers. The con­di­tion is caused by cal­cium de­fi­ciency due to ir­reg­u­lar wa­ter­ing.

Hu­mid­ity helps de­ter pests like glasshouse red spi­der mite Spray­ing with wa­ter helps raise hu­mid­ity and lower the tem­per­a­ture

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