Should I plant out my peren­ni­als?

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QI have some lovely young ver­bena, leu­can­the­mum, lau­ren­tia, echi­nacea and achil­lea grown from plugs. Should I keep them in the green­house over win­ter or plant them out?

Janet Patch­ett, Lin­colnshire

AI like your idea of your over­win­ter­ing the stocky young pot­ted peren­ni­als in your green­house. Hope­fully, it is heated, oth­er­wise tem­per­a­tures will drop to near zero.

If it is not heated, drape your charges with fleece when very cold spells are fore­cast.

Ideally, con­struct a frame for your plants. Then, when you cover them with fleece, the ma­te­rial won’t touch the leaves and pos­si­bly da­m­age them.

Trans­plant the peren­ni­als next spring, in April or May, when the soil is warm­ing nicely and the threat of hard frosts has passed.

Pro­tect young peren­ni­als, such as echi­nacea, through the win­ter and plant out in spring

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