Start­ing with house­plants

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Choose the type of plant you want to grow, read the la­bel care­fully and read up in a good house­plant book on the re­quire­ments of that par­tic­u­lar plant. 2

Care­fully se­lect a good po­si­tion for the plant, usu­ally out of di­rect sun­light but in good light, out of draughts and away from ra­di­a­tors over the win­ter. 3

Put a wa­ter­ing saucer un­der the pot. Top com­post with gravel. Wa­ter spar­ingly, let­ting com­post dry out be­tween wa­ter­ings. Feed monthly when in growth. 4

Clivia’s pollen is poi­sonous to cats Feed with a suit­able liq­uid plant food Don’t place on a win­dowsill in full sun

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