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Seed and plants to Ireland


I AM a 74-year-old gardener living in Northern Ireland. I usually get plants from firms in England such as Thompson & Morgan, J Parkers and other companies.

Since last January, gardeners here cannot get any plants or seeds sent. I voted for Brexit but did not expect for this to happen. I enjoyed my gardening until this year. I hope other gardeners can put pressure on the government to sort this out. Eileen Beckett, Ballyclare

I LIVE here in Ireland and have been buying your great magazine for years. I am really sad that we here in Ireland cannot get free seeds with the magazine anymore. Any chance the Ireland can be included again? Pam Pratt, Dublin, Republic of Ireland

I WOULD like to know why my favourite magazine is no longer giving away free seeds. So disappoint­ed! June Craig, Co Down, Northern Ireland

Editor’s reply: the aftermath of Brexit for keen gardeners in both North and Southern Ireland has been deeply unfortunat­e. We have had to stop the free seeds because of restrictiv­e administra­tion costs and I am told some producers are unable to send plants for similar reasons. To be frank, I have no idea when this may be resolved as I would imagine that there are many other areas of business and leisure in Ireland that have also been hit as a result of the UK leaving Europe. As soon as commonsens­e prevails, then seeds on the cover will return — and no one will be happier than the team at AG. Garry Coward-Williams

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