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How to build a barrel pond

There are several important factors to consider


WHEN decided where to place your pond there are a few things to take into considerat­ion. It needs a sunny spot out of the prevailing wind, so that aquatic plants will flourish and to attract wildlife. Ideally position it away from overhangin­g trees and shrubs, which give too much shade and may clog the water with fallen leaves and twigs.

However, wildlife does like a quick escape route for protection, so grow ornamental grasses or build a habitat pile close by where amphibians can hide and hibernate.

If you want a wildlife pond think twice about adding ornamental fish, as they will eat aquatic insects as well as amphibian eggs and spawn. They are also likely to become a fish supper for the neighbourh­ood herons!

Putting in a pond takes a fair amount of effort so you want to put it where it can be seen from the house and patio.

This is especially important if you have young children and pets around; never let toddlers play unattended by the pond and, if necessary, cover the water with sturdy netting or construct a fence around the perimeter.

You also need to decide whether your pond requires access to electricit­y for lights or water features, as this may take extra excavation around the garden to hide cables or motors.

 ??  ?? To invite wildlife, make sure there are plenty of hiding places
To invite wildlife, make sure there are plenty of hiding places

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