Amateur Gardening

Peter Seabrook



Antirrhinu­m Sonnet Series make excellent summer bedding plants; if you want fragrance with cut stems, choose the yellow cultivar. 2

There are 80 calendula cultivars in the trial at Hyde Hall, and a fair few of them at Harlow Carr, so chances are you will be surprised by the range of colours and flower shapes in these trials. 3

Pansy Panola Series do not have the largest flowers, but are among the best for autumn planting. They will flower through autumn and winter, when temperatur­es are above 40º Fahrenheit, and then give masses of blooms through the spring into early summer. 4

Earwigs eating dahlia petals can be trapped in upturned pots of dry grass, held among the leaves on canes. Empty them on to fruit trees where they will eat a range of apple pests.

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