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Wonderful and whimsical windflower facts


I SUSPECT that most people say it wrong! The word is anemone: ‘ah-nemo-ne’e. But hands up those of you who talk about ‘ah-ne-no-mee’! Huge swathes of the population, it seems, find it easier to enunciate ‘nuh-nuh-muh’ rather than ‘nuh-muh-nuh’. Regardless of this, the flower itself has considerab­le diversity, a fascinatin­g history, and offers huge value in any garden. Let’s take a sideways glance at the wonderful genus!

The common name for the anemone is ‘windflower’, which applies to all 120 or so species – and even some closely related genera, including anemonoide­s, anemonastr­um, pulsatilla and hepatica (which some botanists reckon should all be classed as anemones anyway).

 ??  ?? Anemone blanda ‘Violet Star’
Anemone blanda ‘Violet Star’

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