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Sort out the fescues!


THE most common grass seed types are the fescues; they are in most ‘luxury’ lawn mixes. Look out for: Strong creeping red fescue:

Festuca rubra is in most seed mixes, because it is great at helping a lawn to establish. Instead of growing solely upwards like most grasses, it will weave itself into other grasses, to help create and sustain a green carpet.

Slender creeping red fescue: This is F. rubra litoralis, and isn’t unlike its strong sister, although its leaves are much finer. It is often found in fine lawn grass mixes where, typically, up-and-down mowing stripes are desired.

Sheep’s fescue: F. ovina is used occasional­ly as a pasture grass – but it’s also an incredibly shade-tolerant grass, so is a feature of most shade mixes.

 ??  ?? Blades of creeping red fescue
Blades of creeping red fescue

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