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Liq­uid or pow­der de­vel­op­ers

Film de­vel­op­ers come in liq­uid and pow­der form. For first-time users I would rec­om­mend a liq­uid devel­oper, as they are very easy to mix and use. Pow­der de­vel­op­ers are typ­i­cally more eco­nom­i­cal to use and are per­fect for more con­fi­dent or ex­pe­ri­enced users.

La­bel the cylin­ders

It is best to pre­pare all your chem­i­cals in ad­vance for ef­fi­cient processing. It is worth in­vest­ing in three sets of mea­sur­ing cylin­ders and la­bel them ‘Dev’, ‘Stop’ and ‘Fix’ to avoid con­tam­i­na­tion. If you have to re­use the same cylin­der, wash it thor­oughly be­tween chem­i­cals.

Cor­rect tem­per­a­ture

If you are work­ing in a cold area then you will need to keep your pre­pared so­lu­tions at the cor­rect tem­per­a­ture un­til you need to use them. To do this you can stand them in a tray or bowl of water that is a cou­ple of de­grees warmer than your work­ing tem­per­a­ture.

Load­ing the film

The trick­i­est part of processing film is load­ing it onto the spi­ral in com­plete dark­ness. Prac­tise do­ing this in the light with old or wasted film. Once you have mas­tered this, then try do­ing it with your eyes closed be­fore at­tempt­ing it in the dark with real film.

Reusing chem­i­cals

Some chem­i­cals can be reused – please check the man­u­fac­turer’s guide­lines on this. You will need suit­able stor­age con­tain­ers, and of course, like all chem­i­cals th­ese will need to be kept out of reach of young chil­dren. En­sure you la­bel your con­tain­ers too for future use.

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